Meet Our Trainers

Sarah King

I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I specialize in beginner and intermediate clients. I have a passion for educating my clients on how to develop a healthier and more active lifestyle! From my own experience, I know the difficulties of finding a healthy balance between nutrition and exercise to achieve a personal fitness goal. As your personal trainer, I will focus on teaching you proper planning, form, technique and recovery as we safely progress toward your goals, all while having fun and staying excited about your fitness journey!

Gabe Nixon

Hi my name is Gabriel Nixon and I am from Charlotte, NC. I am a former college athlete and I attended a D1 junior college for basketball. After leaving school I decided to move to NWA to create a better life for myself. Shortly after moving to Arkansas I started sports training with kids for three years. I took two years off back in 2017 and now I am back doing what I love most! I specialize in strength training, weight loss, cardiovascular training and functional training. My passion is to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle! I truly believe we deserve to feel hundred percent confident in the way we look. However, achieving that can sometimes be difficult and that is why I am here to help you!

Whitney Sanders

Hello, my name is Whitney. I hold a masters degree in exercise physiology and I am also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have been training or coaching in some form since 2011. I know first hand how hard it can be to understand all the information the health and fitness industry throws at you each day. How do you know what to believe anymore or what the right option is for you? Are carbs bad? Does intermittent fasting work? Cardio vs weights? I am here to guide you through it all, educating you to understand the “why” behind everything you do, for both training and nutrition. It is my mission to help you reach empowering and sustainable results, while maintaining a life of balance and fulfillment. I don’t believe in the extremes. I take a balanced whole life approach to achieving your health and fitness goals, building lifelong habits without sacrificing your relationship with self or with food. I love working with those who are beginners in the gym, those who are interested in weight training or those who just want to better themselves and live a healthier lifestyle. I will help you develop a plan, learn correct technique, get strong, build lean muscle, gain confidence and have fun while reaching your goals.
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